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Stephen Hancock

Vinegar then baking soda then flush with water.

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Thanks, Stephanie, I'll try anything at this point.

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Have you tried hydrogen peroxide (min 3% solution, available in any drug store?  Spray it on full strength.  Let it work, then rinse.  If it is still there, try again.  Also Borax might work -- 1 cup to 1 gal. Water.

Good luck with this job!

Stephanie DiBelardino

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Hi again,
I'm stuck.  I've filled the tanks with 2 gallons of household bleach and let it sit overnight.  I've brushed with a stiff brush on a pole.  At Bill's suggestion,  I've purchased an 1800psi pressure and spent an hour on the middle tank.  There are still numerous globs of mold adhered to the walls of the tank.  If I can reach them I can knock the bulk of a glob off with my fingernail, but it still leaves a black spot and blacker ring that I can't knock off with the pressure sprayer.

Sooo, anyone have any ideas about what else I can do?  How much bleach is enough?  How much is too much?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.
SM243 Kristy
Brunswick GA USA

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Hi again, gang.
I'm cleaning my fresh water tanks for the first time, don't know if the previous owner ever did it.  I've accessed the center tank (under the galley sole) and the aft tank (under the galley fridge).  There are a fair amount of mildew/mold spots that are tightly adhered to the inside of the tank, and after filling the tank with a fairly potent bleach mixture I'm still finding it impossible to get it cleaned off.  Is there any kind of chemical that can be used other than bleach that would work better and be safe?  Given the difficult access and impossibility of getting good pressure with a stiff brush, I'm running out of ideas.
I tried to access old files and photos (used Bill's suggestions) and can't seem to get them.  Also still can't reply to an existing thread (nothing happens when I click on "reply")
Thanks for any suggestions.
SM243 Kristy
Brunswick, GA, USA

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