A Fond Farewell

mcgosprey <mglass@...>

I recently completed the sale of my SM 2000 and, I trust, she is
already taking her owners on new adventures. I just wanted to take
this opportunity to thank the members of this chat room for all the
invaluable help they gave to me (even when they didn't know it) over
the last several years. Countless times I discovered solutions to
problems from other members and headed off problems others had
written about. The forum is a great resource.
I decided to use Joel Potter as my broker for the sale. He sold me
the boat new and no one knows more about the Amel this side of the
Atlantic. I thought he did a terrrific job and always acted with
integrity and fairness. (And yes, unless you have an awful lot of
free time and a high tolerance for aggravation, use a broker) If the
sad day comes when you decide to sell your own Amel, keep in mind
that the process will likely take several months and that there is a
fairly well established range of value the boats sell for based on
their age. Joel can give you a pretty good idea of the resale value.
Thanks again and safe and happy passages to all of you. Michael
Glass/ex-Second Call

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