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Hello Stephanie,

Volvo use a Perkins diesel rebranded as Volvo.  My (now sold) old boat had a Volvo TMD 22 which is exactly the engine installed in SM and SM2k to an extent.

Get Perkins spares = 1/3 the price!!!  My engine manual had a timing belt change quite often; it is easily reachable.

PS:  I would have joined you in Rome last weekend.  But now in London.

PPS:  Searching for a near new SM at a bargain price... :-)

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Hi Chris!  Hi Mike!

Thank you for your input.  The engine is in good condition.  But, Ezio being as particular as he is ( more like someone from Northern Europe, than from the Med!), he is having some preventive maintenance done.  At this time, there is no need to repower but I did read that this particular Perkins model had been taken over by Volvo.  

Many thanks for your input.
Fair winds, whether on land or sea!

Stephanie DiBelardino

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We   Reengined our Amel with a Volvo . On the faithfully Perkins the timing belt broke and damaged the top end of the engine. After 6 months searching in USA  and Europe we used D B Marine to send the engine to Phuket.
Richard Abadee
D. B. International Limited
Cookham Bridge
Cookham on Thames
Berkshire SL6 9SN
Tel:  +44 (0)1628 526032
Fax: +44 (0)1628 520564
email: parts@...
Contact them for Perkins  spares

Chris and Mike    Santorin 023

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Does anyone have experience in sourcing parts for this engine? I know about TAD in Hayes, VA but is there any place in FL?

Many thanks and fair winds!

Stephanie DiBelardino

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Chief Pilot, Cozuro Limited,
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