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The first thing I would do is to make sure when and where the water is coming in. Are you sure that it is coming in after you have pinned (locked) the bow thruster in place? You might consider placing some absorbent material near the bow thruster to ensure that this is the place where yo are getting water.

Leaking after the bow thruster is UP and Locked:
If you are sure that it is after the bow thruster is UP and locked:
  1. When you lock it in place it should require pulling with about 30 pounds of force on the "up wire" to move the bow thruster the last 10-20cm toward the top, compressing the foam seals. If you do not experience this, there are two possibilities:
    1. The foam seals are bad or one or both is missing
    2. The wire needs adjusting. I have never adjusted the wire. I think it will be fairly straight forward. Before you loosen anything, be sure to mark all appropriate positions.
Leak while operating:
If the leak is occurring before the bow thruster is locked there are two possibilities:
  1. The "inside" foam seal is not glued properly with contact glue, or is damaged or worn out
  2. The 60mm tube seal is worn or damaged
  3. or both 1 & 2
Note wire adjustment is not a possibility in this case because the system pretty much relies on the weight of the bow thruster to make the seal.

Long-shot possibilities:
There are three long-shot possibilities that I do not think is happening, but here they are:
  1. The water is coming from the fresh water system...this should be easy for you to tell if it is salt water or fresh water.
  2. The water is leaking at the depth sounder
  3. The shaft seal is bad and water/oil is coming out the top of the bow thruster when it is operated...note centrifugal force would have to be what moves it to come out the top...I have seen this on another boat. You should be able to tell because it would be an oily water mixture.
Hope this helps you.

BeBe, #387

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 2:12 PM, Alexandre Uster von Baar <uster@...> wrote:

I have noted more and more water in the compartment next to the fwd head...
When I go sailing, I always "LOCK" the bow thruster, but regardless water seems to be coming in.
Any advice? Is there some adjustment I can do to make it tighter?
Any other solution?
I had it service by Amel Martinique last Nov.

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre
Seabrook, Texas, USA

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