Santorin - Autohelm Control Unit

Herbert Lackner

servicing the autohelm autopilot (7000) units on my santorin I found out that the Control unit is type 100 and the motor inside the rotary drive is the stronger model the fits to the control unit type 300.  according to the raymarine specialist the strong motor can overload the control unit and can destroy it when the load gets to heavy.

can anyone tell me if the santorin is equipped with the autohelm control unit type 100 or 300 ?

If it is 100 then a previous owner replaced the motor with a stronger model and it is easy for me to replace the motor.  if it is 300 (what I assume) then the control unit has been replaced with a weaker model and I have to replace coontrol-unit and instruments..

did anyone replace the old autohelm ssystem with a new raymarine system including gyro sensor?  any experience with the new system?

santorin 120, kali mera

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