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What we have done is to attach a shore water hose connection under the seat in the cockpit. That connects through a three direction valve to the output hose from the waterpump. Using shore water change then valve to link to the shore water and back using water tank water. 

We have put two filters before the water gets into our system, one 15-20 micron normal water filter and one carbon filter. We have put valves before and after the filters to keep them full of water when not used.


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Hey be very sure to use a one way valve before the tee. 

Richard Piller

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Thanks Richard,

I was going to have it go into the shower bottom, but yes, adding a Tee on the hose going to the bilge is a much better idea!
Thanks again, Alexandre

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Subject: Re: [Amel] High water alarm?
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Hi most likely pick for 24 V is the power
panel above the door to the forward cabin. You can run the
wire through the drain hole in the forward hanging closet.
And run the hose from the bilge pump into the shower exit
hose with the tee. 

Regards Richard
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Following my bow thruster leak, like many of you have done,
I want to add a high water alarm in the compartment near for
forward head as well as the bilge (in the engine
compartment). I will also add an automatic bilge pump in
that forward compartment.

Where should I get the power from? (for both location)

Any things I should avoid, be carefull with?

I guess I will pick 24 Volt.

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre


Seabrook, Texas, USA

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