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       If you own a Super Maramu? that can't happen without the water coming out of the bow thruster housing and first soaking the bedding leaving a trail and you would have a serious inflow if the problem was with bow thruster seals failing.

Another potential source is if the drain valve for your chain locker is closed but most unlikely.

The most likely source of flooding the bilge locker on a SM is the dish washer outflow pipe coming out of the waste pipe then you will get a couple of inches in all the bilge lockers.

Post your boat Model and some of the real experts on this site will give you the answer straight away.

Amels are designed to deflect approximately ten degrees with the front or rear cabins flooded and the sea tight doors properly secured and fastened.



SM 425


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Has anyone else had to test how watertight their front cabin was as water came in at first unnoticed via the bow thruster?
Apparently the water entered continued it's way into the saloon (we were heeling to port, on starboard tack) via the housings for the seawater pipes for toilet, chain washer and clim. Flooding our under the floorboards storage.
Are we missing something there or watertight compartment means something else in French?

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