Water Maker End Caps

Ian Shepherd

Having taken my 160 l/h Dessalator membrane assembly apart, I can now confirm that the cause of last summers leak was high pressure erosion of the hole that the stainless cross tube fits into which connects the two membrane in series. Despite having changed from white to black end caps, the problem still exists.

Bill suggested that I have stainless end caps made in Gocek, but the gentleman there stopped responding to my emails and I never got a costing, and so I went to my excellent turner here in Larnaca. Rather than use stainless which is not the best material for use in sea water when starved of oxygen, he turned up two end caps in bronze. Instead of using the Dessalator cross tube, there are now stainless screw in fittings and a high pressure hose joining the two caps, also with stainless fittings. (The holes are turned downwards and the tube does a U-Bend under the end caps). I may have to replace the hose and fittings every few years, but those parts only cost only 12.

Total cost breaks down as follows:

2 end caps in bronze including material 120

New set of O-Seals 3

Connecting hose and fittings 12

Hopefully this will put an end to repetitive water maker leaks. I am also considering relocating the membrane unit to the vertical wall just below the front of the gen set for easier access. Another location would be above the gen set, but with some sort of water catchment arrangement should a leak happen. Where Amel put the membranes in not easy to reach, especially when bolting the membranes back in place.

Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus

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