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Mark Erdos



Here is a contact in Ft Lauderdale. We used Steve to maintain our boat for the 7 months it took us to close and move it to its home. Whatever you need, Steve can get for you. He is highly knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Captain Steve Leeds, President

Circumnavigator's Yacht Service, Inc.

"We know what it takes, because we've been there"

Mobile:  (954) 608-1551

Google Voice: (954) 300-2791 (rings everywhere!)

eMail:  circumnavigators@...



Best regards,




SM2K #275




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Good Morning!

I would greatly appreciate a reference for an electrician familiar with a SM2K located in The Fort Lauderdale, FL.

When we first joined this group, my husband had bought a Santorin in Martinique -- he was drawn to this boat because it was compatible, for the most part, with the height/depth restrictions of the ICW. But, as the boat was arriving at our home in the Bahamas my comment was, "but it is so small!" ( thinking back to our Nordhavn 47 which was like a small ship!).

Ezio, my husband, has had a fair amount if work done, including a new genoa, and, other than a final cleaning, it is going back on the market --- not because I do not like an Amel, but because we have bought SM2K 353, SV Indecent, the AMEL that, sadly, was lost by Kim and George Cerillo. I do not know how to reach them, but I wanted to assure them that their boat is in good hands, and that, if they would like to visit it, they are welcome.

Many thanks and fair winds!
Santorin " Bianca" lying Stuart, FL.


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