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Dear Mike,

               Please be aware that there is no problem. The original post is a misunderstanding of Amel plumbing.

Seawater can not leak from the bow thruster housing as described without soaking the bedding, cushions and port and starboard lockers in the forward cabin.

I have never heard of seawater entering the vessel via the piping for the heads, air con or chain washer as described.

The pipe you describe is normally white plastic and takes the grey water from the shower and the sink to the bilge in the engine room. On some boats there is a brown painted copper pipe which is Teed into the plastic pipe to carry excess seawater from the chain locker again to the bilge.

In the event of an emergency you would shut the cabin door secure it with the wooden cross bar and you will have a water tight bulk head, even if you have a hole in the bow your boat will still float. At that point you would close the valves on both pipes to stop seawater continuing to drain into the bilge in the engine room from the shower tray and eventually burning out your bilge pump.

First rule of thumb when you find any water inside your Amel put your finger in it and taste it.

If it it fresh water ,which is more likely, then you have a leak somewhere around the galley.

Good Luck,

Trevor Lusty

Sea Fever of Cuan

SM 425



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 Mahili, SM2K #378. Mike Gough

Thank you for alerting me of the problem, I have located the pipes from the saloon side, some are sealed others will require difficult inspection from the fwd head I think.

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Subject: [Amel] Watertight, my foot!

Has anyone else had to test how watertight their front cabin was as water came in at first unnoticed via the bow thruster?

Apparently the water entered continued it's way into the saloon (we were heeling to port, on starboard tack) via the housings for the seawater pipes for toilet, chain washer and clim. Flooding our under the floorboards storage.
Are we missing something there or watertight compartment means something else in French?

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