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Hi Kent

That is very helpful and pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Hi, Andrew,
I had an extension made that zips to the back of the dodger extension on SM243 and ties at the outside corners to the mizzen shrouds.  It has a notch aft that surrounds the mizzen mast.  There are 6 panels that can be zipped to the edges of the original dodger extension and this new extension that covers the aft part of the cockpit.  They are secured to the deck with snaps on the sides and via ties to the forward ends of the aft cabintop rails and a SS ubolt secured to the center of the cabin top even with the forward ends of the rails.  These panels are made with clear plastic windows and afford good visibility all the way around.  I also had side and aft panels made of a sunscreen that allows wind to flow through and affords nice shade.

I can take some pics in a couple of weeks when I get back to the boat.

Brunswick, GA, USA

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We have a bimini cover with sides and rear panels that attach to provide a cover of just over half the cockpit. We are keen to have a full cockpit cover for winter that extends all the way back to the mizzen mast. Amel says they used to supply a winter cover which I am presuming is this but no longer sell this. I am wondering if someone is able to suggest a supplier in Europe for these covers.
Also is anyone who has a full cockpit cover able to describe how the rear corners of the cover are supported - are these tied to the mizzen shrouds or is there another supporting mechanism. If anyone is able to post some pictures of a full cockpit cover for SM2K that would be ideal.
SM 472

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