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Patrick McAneny

Bill, Thanks for the info. I do not to use something caustic if I can help it. Is there any alternative, something not caustic ? I have to pickle it as it will be below freezing here soon and I need to pump the water out and winterize the plumbing including the membranes.
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4 pound package for less than $20:

There are a number of us that do not recommend using Sodium Metabisulfite because it is very caustic.

The last time I checked the Dessalator website I believe that they were recommending rinsing with fresh water unless you were going to be absent for 6 months.

Hope this helps.


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Richard, I' am not looking for a site to tell me how to pickle, but for a good source of chemicals to pickle. Someone not long ago mentioned somewhere that membranes and chemicals could be purchased at a reasonable price. Good to see you at the boat show. Pat
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Pat Google pickle water makers or Little wonder and you'll find how to pickle and winterize. 

Richard Piller

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I could not access the old messages on this new site format. I remember someone posted a good and reasonable source to buy chemicals to pickle the membranes, Could someone remind me of the name of source in the U.S. I too, as others have posted, would be willing to contribute towards the development of a better website for this group.
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