Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] ICW and mast height

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

We just sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Charleston South Carolina. We
went outside except for a short span from Beufort, SC northward. I
echo what Joel has said. In addition to all the anxiety about depth,
narrow shallow areas, and bridges be aware that the water will stain
your hull brown. I spent a couple of hours washing (buffing) just 16
hours worth of brown water travel stain from the bow area of the

That said I would highly recommend a trip up the rivers to Svannah,
Georgia and Beufort, South Carolina. There is a 65 ft fixed bridge
coming north up the river towards Beufort but it can be safely
negotiated as long as at least 5 1/2 boards are seen on the bridge
dolphin (per the Port Royal Marina that lies alongside the bridge).
The tide here is about 7 feet. Beufort was worth the effort.

We enjoyed both of these places immensely.

Regards, Gary Silver Liahona SM 2000 Hull # 335

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