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Alan Leslie


Sorry for the late reply Kent / Bill...we've been at sea for the last week...great trip by the way...Noumea to Opua.


YES that's exactly what happens.....going to windward in heavy seas on st'bd tack is when we see it, so it must be coming from the chain locker....that's why I'm going to put an extra valve in the drain from the fwd the head will be isolated but the chain locker can still drain into the sump.


thanks for your input




S.V.Elyse SM437

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Wow, Alan, I have never, ever, experienced that. Possibly I do not understand your use of the word "waste" from the "forward head drain." I understand that to mean GRAY water from the shower and sink. That water should have already passed through a hose that runs slightly downhill from the forward head drain to the sump. I cannot imagine how this is happening to you, unless that drain hose has been moved from its original position, or your bow is down about 25-30cm. Is the drain hose in the bottom of each saloon locker? 

You might try pouring 1-2 liter of colored water into the shower drain and have someone watch at the sump to see if it drains and it is colored. Possibly there is an obstruction in the hose.

Please explain further...I am always a little slow on understanding something new.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 11:50 AM, <divanz620@...> wrote:

Seems to me that it could be the drain in the forward head....When one is on starboard tack, the waste from the fwd head drain can flood the fwd head .. I have a wooden plug to plug the fwd head drain so it doesn't flood the head...BUT, it's a bitch to get out.

I'm going to (next trip) change the plumbing a bit and add a valve under the floor out side the fwd head so I can shut the fwd head drain off, but re-plumb the anchor locker drain T after the valve so its still clear.




SV Elyse SM437

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Has anyone else had to test how watertight their front cabin was as water came in at first unnoticed via the bow thruster?
Apparently the water entered continued it's way into the saloon (we were heeling to po rt, on starboard tack) via the housings for the seawater pipes for toilet, chain washer and clim. Flooding our under the floorboards storage.
Are we missing something there or watertight compartment means something else in French?

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