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I remember how to use the outhaul to tightly stretch the new line when installing.

Move the outhaul block to about 1 meter from the mast-end of the boom.

Tie a piece of 6mm line to the shackle on the outhaul and to the mast. You do not need to tighten the line at this point, but it should have just a little slack.

Tie and whip the new outhaul line to the aft end of the shackle on the outhaul not tie and whip the forward side yet. 

Run the outhaul line from the outhaul car through the starboard side of the aft outhaul line block at the aft end of the boom. Then run the line through the two line guides on the port side of the boom then around the powered outhaul block. 

Pull the bitter end of the outhaul line while someone activates the outhaul to "OUT." Try small bursts to the outhaul switch until you believe the outhaul line is tight enough. 

The small piece of 6mm line will get very tight and the outhaul line will stretch. 

Have your helper hold the new outhaul line securely in the powered outhaul block while you tie and whip a knot in the end about 15mm from the shackle on the outhaul block. 

Use 4mm line from the knot to the shackle.

Hope this helps.


BeBe, SM2k, #387

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Hi Alan
Good to hear you are getting good time out sailing that beautiful boat of yours.
Our outhaul line on the main boom snapped under pressure (it was actually pretty warn before this and had been on my "to do list" to replace anyway) and we replaced it with the same Spectra. After using for a brief period this new line stretched out causing the line to slip and not furl correctly. We then shortened it further and have had no further problems after that initial stretching of the new Spectra.
Fair winds
Colin Streeter, Island Pearl II
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We've had some issues with the outhaul line on the main stretches and sometimes gets jammed in the boom motor pulley and it won't wind out or in.

I've shortened it, re tied it..but it still happens.

I'm thinking of changing the line to low stretch Spectra to try to solve this issue.

anyone else have this experience ?  solutions ??



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Colin Streeter
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