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Craig Briggs

Last time we were through LaRochelle I got replacement line from Amel for all the runs (outhaul, traveller, and jib cars).  It was a three layer line with parallel core Kevlar surrounded by two woven layers.  I don'r recall exactly what they charged, but it was oddly inexpensive for Amel.  Had also tried Spectra with poor results, the Amel supplied line is excellent, although you do need to tension it a lot. 

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Thanks Colin...that's good to know...and also others that have commented.

I'm going to the gold plated shop tomorrow and buy a length of Spectra and see how it goes.

I think the outhaul line is probably the original...but it sure has stretched a lot...even in the last two weeks 


And also, Colin, thanks again for the SSB installation info, we have ours in the same place as yours but the triatic stay antenna doesn't work well...the coax going up the mizzen is the problem....I've got a temporary wire going out the small hatch in the cockpit and onto the main a treat, but need to warn the crew to stay away from it when xmting!!

Will get insulators put in that stay soon...and will repost so its searchable.




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We've had some issues with the outhaul line on the main stretches and sometimes gets jammed in the boom motor pulley and it won't wind out or in.

I've shortened it, re tied it..but it still happens.

I'm thinking of changing the line to low stretch Spectra to try to solve this issue.

anyone else have this experience ?  solutions ??



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