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Kent Robertson

I don't remember the exact lost retch line I bought, but it was too slippery at first.  At someone's suggestion(I think it was John and Ruth on Moon Dog) I sprayed it with 3M contact cement.  It worked fine and by the time the cement had worn off the line had weathered enough to hold on its own.
Kent SM 243 Kristy

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On our Santorin we found spectra had 10 per cent stretch and was too slippy.  We replaced it with one of our older spare ropes. No worries now!

Mike , SV Akwaaba 027 santorin sloop

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Thanks Bill,

My thoughts exactly...good to have confirmation



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Yes, I have, and used the wrong kind of line before switching to low-stretch line.

Also, it needs to be very tight...even the low stretch will stretch, so take this into consideration when rigging. I forgot exactly how I did it, but I used the outhaul motor to tighten the line while installing it. When you are installing, either use the outhaul to tighten or rig some blocks/line and use one of the mast winches to tighten.

Hope this helps,

BeBe, SM2k, #387

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 7:25 AM, <divanz620@...> wrote:

We've had some issues with the outhaul line on the main stretches and sometimes gets jammed in the boom motor pulley and it won't wind out or in.

I've shortened it, re tied it..but it still happens.

I'm thinking of changing the line to low stretch Spectra to try to solve this issue.

anyone else have this experience ?  solutions ??



S.V.Elyse Opua, New Zealand  

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