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Hi Pat to clean up the taste issues charcoal filter between your tank and fresh water pump taste issues should go away. And in the spring flush flush and flush some more and you'll have good water 

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I just spoke with a Dessalator dealer up in New England about winterizing the watermaker, and they said all they do, is run potable, pink antifreeze through the watermakers and its good for several months. They do not use the chemicals because its " bad stuff". I have been using it for years in the water systems and it leaves an unpleasant taste/odor and requires massive flushing in the spring to rid the system of odor and bad taste.
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I know little about prepping for a winter freeze, but I would think that the small amount of Sodium Metabisulfite used with fresh water would not keep the solution from freezing.

This is what Dessalator says:

How to winterize your watermaker:

Several solutions are possible:

  1. If someone regularly comes on board, rinsing with the three-way valve on the pre pump will be sufficient; this should be carried out while the watermaker is idle.
  2. For extended periods (5 to 6 months) of storage, we have developed a sterilizing cartridge (see the page sterilizing cartridge).
  3. FREEZING CONDITIONS: If the boat stays in a very cold region, please take a bucket containing 8 litres of warm fresh water mixed with one glycerine litre (you will find it in a drugstore) and let the seawater inlet hose suck up the mixture by starting the watermaker without pressure. You should then empty the flow meter tube on the control panel by blowing into the blue hose connected to the membranes. In normal winter conditions, only empty the flow meter tube and use the sterilizing cartridge ST2.
I bought a 24 volt timer and a 24 volt valve that I plan to install to rinse the membranes when I am away for longer than 1 month.

Other than that, I am not able to help.


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Bill, Thanks for the info. I do not to use something caustic if I can help it. Is there any alternative, something not caustic ? I have to pickle it as it will be below freezing here soon and I need to pump the water out and winterize the plumbing including the membranes.
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4 pound package for less than $20:

There are a number of us that do not recommend using Sodium Metabisulfite because it is very caustic.

The last time I checked the Dessalator website I believe that they were recommending rinsing with fresh water unless you were going to be absent for 6 months.

Hope this helps.


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Richard, I' am not looking for a site to tell me how to pickle, but for a good source of chemicals to pickle. Someone not long ago mentioned somewhere that membranes and chemicals could be purchased at a reasonable price. Good to see you at the boat show. Pat
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Pat Google pickle water makers or Little wonder and you'll find how to pickle and winterize. 

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I could not access the old messages on this new site format. I remember someone posted a good and reasonable source to buy chemicals to pickle the membranes, Could someone remind me of the name of source in the U.S. I too, as others have posted, would be willing to contribute towards the development of a better website for this group.
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