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My Trojan 27-TMX batteries are 6 years old and have actualy 66% of there total capacity (400 Ah ->280Ah)
This needs to equalize the batteries (at 31V see documentation) after this capacity increased from 80Ah to 280Ah
JL Mertz
on CottonBay

0Le 15/11/2013 11:22, crwggb@... a écrit :


I have Trojan Lead acid batteries on my SM SULA. the first set I owned lasted 7 years which by all account is pretty good. The boat was kept predominantly in Northern Europe and was was plugged into shore power throughout the winter whilst ashore.

Sula is now based in HK and got a new set of batteries (Trojans again) when she arrived. She is now in commission 12 months of the year being used regularly and rarely gets plugged into shore power. It is obviously very hot in HK for most of the year. the batteries have crashed after only 2 1/2 years. I was somewhat disappointed with this short life until I read the SM owners manual posted here recently, which stated that 1 1/2 years would be the life expectancy!


I was wondering what other folks experience has been with their batteries. Sula's have always been meticulously maintained, topped up and left fully charged when leaving the boat after use.

Graham Boyd

SM140 Sula

Hong Kong

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