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Our SM is the last one before the SM2K so we have a lot of things on our that was test for the SM2000. But still there is hugh difference between a SM and a SM2K as it is on a SM from 1990 and ours from 1998

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I can definitely assure everyone that all Amel’s of any model are not identical! Most major changes happened in September of each year after the August holiday/vacation period, when production on the next model year commenced. However, there are improvements and running changes throughout the year as suppliers changed equipment or the need for a modification made itself known. One good thing to keep in mind is, to the best of my knowledge, no change or modification was ever made specifically and only because of ‘cost’. While no one is perfect, Amel really does ‘sweat the small stuff’ and I never cease to be amazed at the deliberations that take place at every level, from the design office on through the sales office and finally to the production department when changes do occur. Every change is deeply considered, and then considered again. Having been fortunate to sell hundreds of new and used Amel Super Maramu’s over the years, I wished I would have kept a diary of all the changes as they occurred. I have notes on most of the big ones but the small changes have not been recorded in my files. Shoulda woulda coulda.  


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We did study your description very thouroghly but the boats are not identical, even if Amel say so. I don't remember how many screws we removed but it was a lot.


So we jst accepted the fact that we can't remove it, even if that freeze/fridge need new insulation as well.



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I thought the same thing when I was doing looked like it was "glassed" to the hull. It is a very tight fit...when I finally had all of the 10 screws removed, it came up, but it was hard, almost like it was stuck...and it was hard to get back in place because it was so tight.


I hope that I did not leave anything out. I count 10 screws that must be removed...did you remove 10 screws and are you sure that they were the correct 10 screws according to the photo?




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But it is not shure that you sucseed in your mission, even with Bill's eminent description. On our SM no 232, someone has very thouroghly put plastic over everything so we can't lift the aft fridge/freeze unless we demolate the whole interior in that part.....  Grrrrrrrrrr



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Would you please send the info for me also?

Fair Winds


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I wrote the instructions and I have a heck of a time finding anything in the photo section.


I sent you a private email with the instructions attached.





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Follow up on my moldy water tank problem:

After wrestling with my tanks for a whole weekend last month, and little success, I left the boat for a month with 2 gallons of bleach in a full tank.  Just got back today and Eureka!....the mold is gone.  I've pressure sprayed and flushed the center and aft tanks and completely drained them and don't see any evidence of mold now.  I'm getting ready to tackle the forward tank, but can't find the instructions on removing the fridge/freezer that someone (Gary?) wrote a while back.

There are a row of bolts along the aft edge of the unit that go thru the stationary panel by the washer/dryer and two more that look like they should go thru the back of the first cabinet, but there are no bolts showing through.  There is another row of screws along the top edge of the seat.  I can't tell how the compressor is attached to the cooler box except that the tubing goes thru a sealed hole in the port side of the box.  Does the whole unit come out as one piece?  What else am I missing?

Thanks and happy holidays to all.




Brunswick GA USA



Hi again, gang.

I'm cleaning my fresh water tanks for the first time, don't know if the previous owner ever did it.  I've accessed the center tank (under the galley sole) and the aft tank (under the galley fridge).  There are a fair amount of mildew/mold spots that are tightly adhered to the inside of the tank, and after filling the tank with a fairly potent bleach mixture I'm still finding it impossible to get it cleaned off.  Is there any kind of chemical that can be used other than bleach that would work better and be safe?  Given the difficult access and impossibility of getting good pressure with a stiff brush, I'm running out of ideas.


I tried to access old files and photos (used Bill's suggestions) and can't seem to get them.  Also still can't reply to an existing thread (nothing happens when I click on "reply")


Thanks for any suggestions.


SM243 Kristy

Brunswick, GA, USA



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