Steve Leeds

I have a 1985 Sharki with a Scheiber CJ 400 C charger which charges 30 amp hour max to charge our 450 amp hours of batteries. We had an electrical short in the wiring to the charger a few days after we purchased MACCABEE in 1990 which melted all the wires to the charger from the batteries (we were saved from a fire by a 400 amp smart charger shunt melting as the charger had no fuse at that time!) My electrician had the charger open to inspect and test and rewire. The charger was unhurt and has been working well 20 years now. It is a pretty basic unit and I believe if you want to keep it, it should be fairly easy to repair -- no high tech electronics.

While I know the newer models can do all sorts of tricks such as equalizing and can be safely left on all the time, we have been happy with the old Scheiber. The 110/220 option has been a big help on our circumnavigation and we appreciate the reliability of the old unit. I have noticed a lot of repairs and replacements with some of the newer models! I would strongly suggest installing an in-line fuse with whatever option you decide on.

Good luck either way!

Steve Leeds
Sharki 121
Circumnavigator's Yacht Service
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Alejandro Paquin <> wrote:
Simpatico is a 1981 Maramu hull no. 94. The original Scheiber
S.A.charger/transformer (type C1400A) stopped working over the weekend.
I have four acid lead deep cycle batteries with aprox 780 amp/h
The unit is 400VA and runs on 100/220V to charge 12V/24 DC. The serial
number is 1/7/81.
Does anyone have any experience servicing this unit and understand how
the wiring is set up? It is still the original arrangement and has
never been modified.
i would appreciate any feedback regarding repairs or replacement
I do not have a diesel generator onboard.

Alex Paquin

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