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Craig Briggs


That was about the first quote I got from ACMO, too.  For some reason AMEL originally used left-handed threads on the stud bolts at the bottom of each stay which in turn requires right handed threads on the eyes attached to the chainplates.  That adds over 1000 Euros to the price over the standard right-hand threads that virtually all other yachts use.  I'm unaware of any engineering reason to use left-handed threads.  I ordered all with standard right-handed threads except for the headstay, which requires the "special" short turnbuckle which is left handed.  You may want to check again with Sylvie at ACMO.

Also, ACMO includes all new clevis pins and I agree with your rigger that they should be replaced (but there is no additional cost.)  As for the spreader end caps, I'm a bit skeptical of the rigger's recommendation to replace, although new u-bolts are an inexpensive stock item you could add at minimal cost.



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Craig and Pat,


thank you so much for your answers! We plan to move to nautec marina in monfalcone in april 2014 to leave „kali mera“ for the summer and to finish repairs before going west in autumn. I will ask for an offer and then we will se if we do the painting on our own.


I got an offer from ACMO but price increased to 6.500 eur for the material.   The rigger in croatia also said that „all the safety pins for connection oft he ACMO wires and new wire grips for spreader connections have to be installed because they suffer most oft he rigging tension and considering their age of 18 years it is unssafe to use them on the new rigging…“ .   I am not sure if that is true so we will get another offer in Italy in Monfalcone.  


We will start this project in spring in Italy J , right now we still have work with renewing the autopilot, HF, VHF…


Fair winds



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Pat's instructions are excellent.  


If, however, you are looking for a company to do the work I'd recommend Marina Nautec Mare in Monfalcone, IT, a short sail north of you. Since Monfalcone is a huge commercial shipbuilding center the yacht yards have access to very skilled workers. We saw many completed paint jobs at Nautec Mare and all were superbly done - plus their prices are very good.


I am curious as to why your rigger wants to remove the masts (although it does sound like it is time to have them painted).  My wife and I replaced our rigging ourselves when we were at Nautec Mare by simply removing one or two stays at a ti me. Took our time over a couple of weeks.  If you are price shopping, we got everything from ACMO, Amel's original supplier who has all the exact measurements, including the "special" short turnbuckle you need to fit under the furler on the head stay. It was 4,800 Euros, including shipping to Monfalcone.  That included all swaged fittings and new turnbuckles.  If you are not into do-it-yourself installation, the Nautec Mare yard, of course, can do all the work, including painting.


Kali tihi with the project,

Craig Briggs,

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Herbert, I painted my mast two years ago doing my mizzen mast next spring. After taking all the hardware off the mast , wash the mast well, sand the mast  with 220 or 320 grit. If you find small areas where the paint has corrosion under it you need to sand that area down using a small orbital sander until it is shining and free of any corrosion. You need to undercoat those areas right away before they have a chance to oxidize. I know what I used was yellow , but cannot remember the name of the product. Consult with your paint supplier to find a undercoat compatible with your paint. I rolled and tipped my mast and it looks as if it were sprayed. Three years ago I rolled and tipped the topsides on my SM and my boat also looks as though as though it has been sprayed. The hull has a great shine and is very easy to clean as awlgrip is not porous like gelcoat. If you decide to r oll and tip , you would have the mast on saw horses and can only paint one side at a time. Use fine line tape and run tape down  the length of your mast on the front side of mast. The slot will be your break on the back side of mast. Make sure all tape edges are firmly in contact with mast as the paint is thin and can seep under the tape. Wipe down with acetone or a cleaner awlgrip sells. Use a four inch foam roller , one person rolls on the paint and another immediately very lightly passes over the paint with a foam brush or high quality brush to remove the bubbles, the paint then flows out to a smooth finish. Lightly sand out and apply second coat. Awlgrip dries very fast,may be able to do two coats per day. Do not paint early in the morning wait to it warms up or late in the day, apply last coat 3 or 4 hours before sunset or dew will make the paint dull and will require another coat. Turn mast over pull tape off ,retape along paint line. The paint is s o thin you will not hardly be able to see the fine line in the front of your mast. Painting your hull you do the same, with tape applied to the stem of the boat and the stern.

                                                                                                                                                                    & nbsp;     Hope this helps,

                                                                                                                                                                    & nbsp;          Pat

                                                                                                                                                                    & nbsp;  SM Shenanigans

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we plan to change the standing rigging for our Santorin Kali Mera. The rigger told us that he has to lay down the mast for the rig exchange. At both masts the paint loses colour, if I touch it it is a little bit like white chalk on my hands. When the masts have to be removed it seems to be a good oportunity to fix that - has anyone repainted the masts - any recommendations? Is there something that I have to pay special attention?  Any recommendations for a company in the med (croatia, Italy)?

thanks for you help

SN 120 Kali Mera, Zadar

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