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I abolutely agree with Bill's statement. I'm since 5 Year sailing in Tukey waters. And yes Rika and his team are very good.
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If you believe everything written and rumoured about gray and black water in Turkey, you probably would never come here.
Yes, there is a Blue Card which you will get when you check-in to Turkey. Since you are arriving in Marmaris, be sure to check in with only Soner Yaman, agent, <>, Marmaris Marine phone & fax: +90 252 412 0103, mobile: +90 507 245 1151. Please tell him that you are a friend of Bill & Judy "BeBe." He will take care of all of your check-in paperwork and the Blue Card. When you are in his office, ask him about the current gray and black water practices...they sometimes change daily.
As far as everything else about the Blue Card, enforcement, penalties, etc., these are what I call "Cruiser Rumors" which have been spread by a very large contingent of British "marina gypsies," mostly at Yacht Marina in Marmaris. When I arrived here, this group told me, with lots of other misinformation, that Turkey has helicopters patrolling anchorages and marinas looking for brown spots coming from boats; and when found, the helicopter crew writes a fine to the boat for thousands of dollars. I do not know if you know how stupid this is, but it was believed among this group at Yacht Marina. They spread this rumor throughout Turkey. I made it my mission to debunk that rumor and in jest named these fictitious helicopters Poopy-Copters. I think I was successful in getting rid of that rumor.
The practice among everyone I know is to close the holding tanks while in anchorages and marinas and dump when several miles out. Also, when at a fuel dock that has a working pump-out (about 25% of fuel docks), to present the Blue Card and pump out (for me about once every 6 months). Turkish law regulates gray water identical to black water, but as you may know, Turkey has thousands of charter boats and their sinks and showers are plumbed directly out. The gray water portion of the law is completely ignored.
You will be OK, and you do not need to worry.
Additionally, I recommend that you DO NOT stay in Marmaris for any reason, regardless of what some people may tell you. For every good repair/service person, there are 4 that have no idea what they are doing. As an example: the Dessalator authorized serviceman in Marmaris replaced the low pressure pump on a friend's boat with one made for fresh water. The resulting rust ruined lots of things including the membranes. There is an Amel sales and warranty company in Gocek (about 45 miles from Marmaris). They have an Amel pontoon at the Skopea Marina in Gocek. Contact:
RIZA CAGDAS CAKIR, Chief Operating Officer:
Address: Hurriyet Mah Ataturk Bul.No:1
48310 Gocek/Mugla/TURKEY
Tel : +90 252 645 2468 - 1551
Fax : +90 252 645 2899
Gsm : +90 532 495 6539
e-mail : cagdas"at"
web :
A great place to winter your Amel in the water is Yacht Classic Hotel and Marina ( the majority of wintered boats at Yacht Classic are Amels (our secret...don't tell anyone) . If interested in this, let me know.
Hope this helps.
Currently at Yacht Classic Hotel Marina, Fethiye, Turkey

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To Bill and/or other members who are currently in Turkey...
Dear all,
Can you update our group with your uptodate experience with Turkish authorities about black water management?
We plan to arrive in December in Marmaris. We heard frightening things from friends about a blue card, frequent checks by authorities, big penalties if you cannot evidence you discharged in a certified station. Can we get the official documents and can we get to know usual practices?
Pilgrim is equipped as follows:
_ rear heads: an electroscan unit treats black water and send it in a 200l holding tank
_ front heads: direct to the sea.
Thanks in advance

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