Re: [Amel] wind generator on Mizzen Mast...options.

He Danny,
I am interest in your experience,
Did you or can you post some photos ?

Jean Luc on CottonBay

Le 24/11/2013 08:21, Danny and Yvonne SIMMS a écrit :
H Eric. We have a Super Wind 350 mounted on top of the mizzen and has been there for 4 years. Excellent in every respect. The Super Wind is very quiet in operation anyway but we just never hear it. Absolutely no vibration, also it is worth the extra cost because it is self feathering and very robust so there is no concern no matter how high the wind goes. It has an off switch if you need to turn it off and with the switch off it turns very slowly. However I have never turned it off because of wind strength.
Hope this helps.
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From: eric meury
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Subject: [Amel] wind generator on Mizzen Mast...options.
Just looking for opinions on a Wind Generator on top of Mizzen mast.

I have a Santorin Ketch with the Amp Air Midway on the mizzen. Haven't tried to get it to work yet, but i am pretty sure it is all set up and ready to go.

The previous owner had the wind bugger but didn't use it - it is not hooked up but is mounted to a pole on the stern. This set up completely scares me as it really isn't that far from a persons head (that and the fact that is an older unit).

I used to have the fourwinds on my cheoy lee and it produced light wind. I just purchased a barely used four winds with all the extras for $500.

I plan to mount this at the very top of the mizzen.

So the question is: Does anybody else have a wind generator mounted at the top of the mizzen? What has been your experience with output? Any Vibration issues and how did you deal with them? Do you feel it puts too much stress on the mast? I would imagine the that having it spin while the boat is underway produces to much stress on the mast and maybe the unit itself- is that your experience as well?

I know there are plenty of owners on here whom don't believe in wind generators and use their diesel daily, which if probably a must for a SM.


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