Re: [Amel] Main sail furler control problem

First try to clean the brushes ...
Jean Luc on CottonBay

Le 26/11/2013 07:32, colin.d.streeter@... a écrit :

This week our controller for the Main Sail Furler stopped working in one direction only (ie unfurling).  I am not yet sure if this is a joy stick controller unit problem (eg water getting in or contact points corrosion) or a problem at the furler motor at the mast? 


Unfortunately this problem follows my poor decision to have the boat detailed while we were not present watching and hence we now worry that the workers cleaning/polishing the boat could have got water into the cockpit controller points???


We will check this as soon as we are on the boat again on (this week-end) however were just wondering in advance if others had had similar problems in the past and if there is a already a topic covering such a problem on our site.


Fair Winds

Colin & Lauren Streeter

Island Pearl II - 2001 SM2K #332

Newport Marina - Brisbane - Australia



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