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I cannot agree with you !
On cottonBay I can see targets at more then 300 miles !
Important is that the antenna is on the main mast.
Jean Luc on CottonBay

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Remember a B class unit is only visible 4-6 miles since it is 2 watts.

Next tine I would go with an A class unit that is visible closer to 20 miles as it is 15 watts.

Fair Winds


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I’m looking for feedback on AIS transponders.  We have, and like, the MarineGadget AIS receiver USB dongle ( that overlays nicely targets on a Asus netbook running OpenCPN but my wife wants to have the option for us to broadcast our position to shipping traffic. From what I’ve read the Vesper Marine device(s) can send AIS target data wirelessly and we’d like to have the targets repeated on our iPAD running Garmin’s BlueChart Mobile app. Anyone have experience with this setup?



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