Re: [Amel] Isolated or non Isolated DC to DC Convertor

Good question !
Normally ISOLATED but not necessarily
Usually Neutral is to ground and to do that it is easier with an isolated converter
Jean Luc

On CottonBay

Le 29/11/2013 14:27, terencesingh@... a écrit :

Some advise is needed with respect to the replacement of the factory installed 24VDC to 12VDC DC to DC Convertor.

We are about to install our Icom M802/AT140 SSB Radio.
The existing 12VDC wiring system is quite mess and includes a separate 12VDC battery that was used for the previous SSB installation.
I have heard that an Isolated ground DC to DC convertor should be used. These are used in systems that are ether positive ground or with floating ground systems.
I am pretty sure that our vessel (SM#196) does not have a positive ground system. 
Did Amel built their boats with a floating ground?
What does this mean with respect to installing a DC to DC convertor?
What are the ramifications for using a non isolated DC to DC convertor?

Any help understanding this is much appreciated.

SV Libby SM#196
San Diego

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