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There is not sufficient space on the Super Maramu mast for batten sails. In my opinion, you do not need vertical are not going to race it. are you?

Also, since Demi went out of business coinciding with Amel discontinuing using Demi as a source, I am not sure who is using the brand of Demi.

I assume that the 7,000 Euros is excluding VAT?

I have a quote from Demi for 3 sails for a Super Maramu that was given to me in 2009 for 11,000 Euros.

I recommend that you use the loft we used last Jan who will make triradial cut high quality dacron sails for your Super Maramu for about 7,000-8,000 Euro. They are in Turkey. Contact is Tashin Oge at qsails"at"

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Following up on a previous discussion, --and thanks to the directions I got from you-- I wrote DEME and they sent an estimate for Dacron “cross-cut” (?) sails and Mylar “coupe orientée” (??) sails, the latter somewhat more expensive. The three sails (Main, Mizzen, Genoa) would come to about 7000 Euros. They say they do not cut sails with batten because they fear there is not enough space in the mast, an objection that one of you addressed already. Any comments on this (for which I would be very grateful)?
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