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Captain Pillar,

On all of the Super Maramus I have seen, there are 3 of the Thrane & Thrane Sailor N420 24VDC to 12VDC converter/regulators. These are located inside the right door below the nav table.

One of these Sailor N420's is for 12V instruments (B&G Hydra or other), another for 12V VHF and the third for 12V accessories like the AM/FM Stereo and cigarette lighter. Each of these has a maximum rated output of 8 amps.

The IC M802 requires a maximum of 30 amps in Transmit...3 amps in Receive.

Your installation is not only wrong, it is likely dangerous.


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Hi Eric.
Sorry for the text I did this using a speakerphone dictating and it did not come out right. 
On my factory supplied single side band there are several sailor 24 to 12 V inverters under the net station they power the SSB.  My Icom 8O2 is a 12 volt unit and it works perfectly using the Amel supplied Sailor units installation. 
1998 SM 209 in Newport RI for sale. 
Fair winds 

Capt Richard Piller

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Hi Eric. When your essay 209 Amelle supplied the boat with sailor 24 to 12 V inverters. They also supplied the boat with a single sideband I've change that to an 802 with no issues powering it from that same sailor converter. We have had no issues up-and-down the single side band and ham bands. 
Fairwinds to all. 
SM 209 for sale in Newport Rhode Island. 
Richard Piller

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I do not believe the 12 v sailor would supply sufficient amps for a SSB radio. I have a very hefty converter made by ICOM that Amel installed under the Nav station. This item is now discontinue. However there are a lot of high amp 24-12 volt electronic converters on the market.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite



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Hi. Under the navigation station the doors on the right side have 12 V power supplies that should be your source for 12 V coming off the 24 bank. I believe the brand name is sailor. 

In the ass locker there should be a copper foil for grounding the A140 tuner. 


Richard Piller


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Some advise is needed with respect to the replacement of the factory installed 24VDC to 12VDC DC to DC Convertor.

We are about to install our Icom M802/AT140 SSB Radio.

The existing 12VDC wiring system is quite mess and includes a separate 12VDC battery that was used for the previous SSB installation.

I have heard that an Isolated ground DC to DC convertor should be used. These are used in systems that are ether positive ground or with floating ground systems.

I am pretty sure that our vessel (SM#196) does not have a positive ground system. 

Did Amel built their boats with a floating ground?

What does this mean with respect to installing a DC to DC convertor?

What are the ramifications for using a non isolated DC to DC convertor?


Any help understanding this is much appreciated.



SV Libby SM#196

San Diego

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