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I will do that Bill. I'll let you know what I find.

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I am fairly certain about this issue and have discussed this with several others who much more experienced than I am.

Assuming that you have a triradial cut main sail, where the top and the middle sections of the sail are joined you will see chafing fairly soon because of the added dimension of the furled sail caused by the battens. 

I assume that most people that want extra trim and flatness will first invest in a triradial cut main sail, before they invest in battens.

If you have battens, you should lower your main and have a look at the point where the top and middle sections are joined...I think you will be surprised.


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I'm just looking for new sails for my Santorin and, after consultation of +/- 10 sailmakers and a lot of different proposals, I choiced for a complete set of sails (Genoa, main sail and mizzen sail) with DCX tissue and triradial cut, by UK Sailmakers for the price of 6430€ TTC. Very attractive price.
Dacron cross cut is the lowest quality you can get. the less expensive choice ($)
Then you have radial Hydranet (Dacron + Fibers) option, from Dimension Polyant, with a triradial cut, but it's relatively expensive ($$$) and you got heavy but resistant sails which are more stable in their forms but will loose their forms after +/- 5 years. Valid choice for round the world cruising.
Then you have DCX product, from Dimension Polyant also, with a mylar kernel + carbon fibers, which are more stable and lighter than Hydranet, but at the cost of less resistance at long time. It's my choice, for performant cruising and more velocity in light airs. It's cheaper than Hydranet ($$), 6430€ TTC, in my case (price valid for ordering before 15th of december). It's my choice for performant cruising.
Then you have all the carbon/mylar/aramid solutions which are lighter and more performant but at the cost of a relatively higher fagility. Those solutions are also more expansive ($$$$). The choice for competition sailing.
Your choice must depend of your program. For example (My idea):
Round the world ==> Dacron or Hydranet (better), Cross cut or triradial (better).
Cruising in Mediterranea ==> DCX
Cruising with a bit of competition ==> DCX
Cruising in Atlantic  ==> Hydranet or DCX
Competition ==> More sophisticated
Have a look at UK Sailmakers:
Best regards,
Jacques Paulus

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