Re: Autopilot


Roy,<br>Just to add to Johns answer, the
Gyro-plus is an Autohelm (Raytheon) autopilot accessary
which uses a gyroscope to sense changes in boat
headding. This is much more sensative than a magnetic
compass, especially in the more northern latitudes and on
northerly headings. Here, due to compass dip, caused by the
earths magnetic lines curving down toward the pole, the
magnetic compass may initially indicate a turn in the
opposite direction, and badly "confuse" the auto pilot.
The advantage of the gyroscope in equatorial areas
and on southerly headings may be much less
apparent.<br><br>And John,<br>I think I've got it straight now. I
think what Peter Briggs told me was that his neighbor
was getting an Amel in Sept. and that He thought the
neighbor was going to crew for him. You could reply to if you cared to.<br><br>Jim Wiggin

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