Potentially Hazardous Problem - NMEA Multiplexer

fruehaufp <fruehaufps@...>

To all,

I wanted to report a potentially hazardous problem that I
encountered. My autohelm would suddenly turn the boat sharply
without notice. I installed an NMEA multiplexer made by Noland.
The multiplexer has inputs from a GPS, the B&G Hydra 2 and the
autohelm ST7000. The multiplexer has a USB output that connects to
my laptop computer. I also connected the multiplexer output to my
autohelm so I could steer the boat using apparent wind. I
believe that this combination of connections caused the autohelm to
turn unexpectedly. I disconnected the output from the multiplexer
to the autohelm and have not had the problem for about two weeks.
This problem may be unique to my combination of instruments.

We started our extended cruise on May 15th from Wilmington, DE. We
sailed up the Hudson river and took the rig down and went through
the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario. We are headed for Cape Vincent in
the thousand island area today.

Best regards,

Paul Fruehauf - Faraway Eyes - SM 215

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