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I have put a couple of photos on the Amel Facebook site. We had a new SPX30 fitted this year. It just fits in between the steering cables and the drive chain, with a small space below to feed the wiring in.
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Hello JP,

where did you mount the SPX30 control unit? In our Santorin the place where the Original Autohelm 300 was fixed does not provide enough space for the SPX30. Do you have any pictures?

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after considering pros and cons we purchased now a spx300 course computer package with the p70 control unit, serviced the rotary drive and carry the repaired autohelm 100+st7000 as spare parts. any part of the hole system can now be replaced by a spare part if needed (except the rotary drive)

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Hello, yes we did change the control unit and the gyro. Overall the performance is better, quicker and take less power.

We bought the Raymarine full replacement while in France but keep the original rotary drive. When we check the gears of the rotary drive in Martinique, they where at the end of there life after more then 20 years of use, lots of wears, we replaced the origins plastics gears with new bronze gears• I now thinking of carrying a spare rotary drive unit.


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hi jp,

did you replace an autohelm 300 or 100 course computer with the x30? did you replace also the ST7000 control unit? what control unit do you use now? does the new system work better than the old one - is the gyro-sensor helpful?

what kind of problems occured with the old autopilot?

thanks, herbert

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We cross the Antlantic last January with the original pilot.

In Martinique we install a new Raymarine X30 control and fluxgate and service the rotary drive with new gears.we than cross to Bermuda and Cheasapeak Bay.

So far all work fine.With the Amel setup those pilot don't work hard.

J-P Massicotte

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