Help please !!! Painting Deck ??

Jochen Hofmann <jochen@...>

Hello fellow Amel owners.

Our Maramu #143 launched in 1984 has a very "tired" Gelcoat by now -
especially in the white antislip areas. She has recently received a
full Awlgrip painting for the hull and superstructures, and she looks
almost like new now if it was not for the deck. The white antislip
deck starts to develop very small black holes by now and I am sure I
have to do something about that (the "false teak" areas are still in
reasonably goot shape so I follow Amel's suggestion there and will not
paint). However I have seen lots of bad to very bad solutions for this
problem on other boats (including some Maramus and Sharkys). Does
anyone have a GOOD solution to this ?

Since I am even starting to have arguments with my wife (and perfect
mate) over the issue I would really appreciate your opinions.

PS the boat is in southern Turkey so lots of heat and UV.

Thanks and fair winds,

Jochen Hofmann, SY Blue Song

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