Through hulls on SM 140 and threads BSP NPT

Graham Boyd

I just sent this to Maud in LaRochelle and would be interested if any one had any comments.

Dear Maud,

A technical question. My SM no 140 has through hull fittings for the intake water in both the of the toilets. The ball valve fittings for both of these now need replaced. As I understand it the through hull fitting will have a BSP (parallel) thread. Can I assume that the ball valves fitted by Amel also have BSP parallel threads? And following on from that the "tails" for the pipe connections will be the same.? 

All the ball valves available in the USA have NPT (tapered) threads which are incompatible with BSP Through hulls, so I am assuming that I will have to either purchase my new ball valves some where in Europe/ UK to get a bronze ball valve with BSP threads at both ends, or buy a proprietary adapting fitting (Grocco) which will allow a BSP to NPT connection?

I look forward to hearing from you.


SM140 Sula
Hong Kong 

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