Re: [Amel] Isolated or non Isolated DC to DC Convertor


I have given this thread much thought and also done some reading since opening up this topic for discussion.

I understand that our beloved boats were designed to have the negative side of the DC circuitry for any accessory home run to the negative side of the battery bank. I understand this and accept this.

I believe it is common practice in ABYC conforming boats to have the negative side of the battery bank tied to the engine block which the feed an Accessory negative bus. The negative side of all accessories on board are then tied to the negative accessory bus. I understand this and also accept this. Different concept.

Here is my question that I need help with.

If I use a Newmar  32-12-50 (24 to 12VDC to DC convertor 50 Amps) as a DC to DC convertor which is non isolated with the input  feed directly from the ships 24VDC battery bank, and the output feeding a 12VDC distribution panel and each branch circuit from that distribution panel powering the various accessories on the ship with a direct positive and negative home run from the distribution panel, am I compromising the Amel DC circuit design?

If the answer is no, does this hold true for a SSB installation?

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