Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow Thruster Prop Replacement


Mark (and Others),

The AMEL supplied tool is very easy to use. Here is how I have done it six
times, twice on our boat and four times on other AMELs we've met.

1) Secure the bow thrust shaft by placing the hose clamp around the shaft
about 5 cm (2 inches) below where the shaft connects to the motor.

2) Remove the collar (if fitted) around the base of the motor and remove the
four screws that secure the shaft to the motor base. This will free the shaft
to slide down until it is held by the hose clamp (important) fitted in 1 above.

3) Insert the AMEL tool into the shaft and secure it with the two screws
provided Make sure the screws are set in the two holes in the tool.

4) Wrap plastic electrical tape around the space between the tool and the
shaft to prevent salt water from entering the shaft.

5. Secure the end of the line on the AMEL tool, loosen the hose clamp and
slowly lower the bow thruster assembly into the water.

6) Using a boat hook on deck snag the line and bring the bow thruster prop
assembly on board.

7) Replace the prop as previously described (if you need details let me know).

8) While the unit is on deck it is a good idea to drain the oil by inverting
the unit (after removing the tape and tool) and replacing it with SEA 90W gear

9) Refit the tool, tape and lower it into the water.

10) Haul it up from inside, check orientation and reset the hose clamp (so
you don't lose the unit)

11) Now the only hard part. Fit the shaft into the base of the motor so the
spline fits and the unit can b secured by the four secures. Replace the collar
and test.

Good luck,
Barcelona, SPAIN

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