Re: [Amel] Yanmar Starting Problem

David Pawley

Check your fuel filter, sounds like you may have a eco system in there that blocked your filter. To check shutdown solenoid S/D, get someone else to start/shutdown while you look at the S/D stroke, also look at connections. In the absence of Engine manufacture instruction, think the shutdown has as many as 3 transducers that could effect S/D, also there is time delay to allow oil pressure to rise, Temperature probe faulty, push button stop, Maybe something else.
 Let us know how you go.


On 21 December 2013 07:21, <karkauai@...> wrote:

Hi again,

I started my Yanmar 4JH4-HTE 110 HP after ~2 months of sitting unused.  It cranked up in about 1 second and purred like a kitten for about 5 minutes while I was getting ready to shove off, then died abruptly.  First thought was forgot to open the fuel valve, but it was open.  When I try to crank it now,  it starts up immediately, and respondes to the throttle in neutral as long as the starter is engaged, but as soon as I release the key back to "ON", it dies.  I've checked and there doesn't seem to be any air in the fuel lines, and the pump on the fuel filter feels normal.  The generator runs fine so I don't think there's a problem from the tank to the Racors.

I'm thinking that the fuel shutoff solenoid may be open when the switch is in the "START" position, but closes when the switch goes to the ON position.  I guess there are any number of automatic shutoffs that can occur if a sensor fails (like overheating, ??? else).

When I manually close the fuel off (like you would to manually shut down the engine) and crank, it's obvious that there is no fuel getting to the engine.  When I crank it without shutting of the fuel manually, I can hear the engine firing, and if I advance the throttle it runs faster as long as the key is in the START position.

I'm running out or things to try...anyone have any suggestionsf?

Thanks in advance,
Brunswick, GA, USA

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