Re: [Amel] Standing rig material


We had the rig on our Sharki changed in Savannah in 2007. The boat was built in 1987 and the rigger told me that the original Amel rigging at 20 years of age was in better condition than the new stuff he would fit (Chinese wire he called it). Sadly we had no option as the insurance company insisted on new rigging before we crossed the Atlantic, a decision based purely on age, not condition
David Worthington
Sharki148 Spirito Affine
Preveza Greece

Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2013 7:54 AM
Subject: [Amel] Standing rig material

Hello to all,

PILGRIM is now 23 years old and I need to replace the standing rig. Yes it is also 23 years old and in still good shape, can you believe it?

I am currently in Marmaris and got several submissions

Some are proposing Blue Wave material from Denmark, others are proposing Petersen HI-Mod material from UK;

Has anyone some experience or feedback to give me on these two supply sources?

Thanks in advance



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