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Hello Alain,

As I am involved in the supply of stainless steel rigging wire and components to the marine trade here in the UK I familiar with the materials.

There are two very important rules to follow.

1) DO NOT use Chinese wire as the quality cannot be assured and there have been disastrous consequences arising from the use of it . 
Only use wire manufactured by the Kos company, we supply it here in the UK but it is available world wide from reputable riggers.
Of course it costs more than the Chinese junk but in a gale in the middle of an ocean the few extra Euros difference will seem well worth it!

2) DO USE fittings from reputable sources, anything that cannot be proven NOT to be of Chinese origin must be avoided at all costs. Chinese fittings cost Beneteau, Jeanneau and other manufacturers a great deal of money when the swage terminals started to crack in their thousands and had to be replaced.

Blue Wave fittings are adequate and I have used them at times on my own boats.
Peterson fittings are excellent, I say this without involvement with them as they are in competition with our products.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Sharki 181 Zephyr


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Hello to all,
PILGRIM is now 23 years old and I need to replace the standing rig. Yes it is also 23 years old and in still good shape, can you believe it?
I am currently in Marmaris and got several submissions
Some are proposing Blue Wave material from Denmark, others are proposing Petersen HI-Mod material from UK;
Has anyone some experience or feedback to give me on these two supply sources?
Thanks in advance

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