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Sorry eric, I am so use to Active, Neutral. Earth as shore supply (In Aus), when I work on ships I am more familiar with Phase to Phase voltage. I am boatless, I do not have a Amel, I would love to change that, but anyhow on another forum there was a lively debate on some short comings of ABYC and advantage of Isolating transformers.

I find the opinions interesting and incredibly informative, I would like to know more about the Amel system. Is your Bill Seifert the author of a book called, Offshore Sailing: 200 Essential Passagemaking Tips.

Cheers Waverider

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Where is the neutral hooked up to an Amel?


When you hook up  an Amel to a European plug there is a blue, brown, and green/yellow wire.

The brown and blue together are 220 volts. The green yellow is the ground . There is No Neutral as in USA connections IE- the white.


When you hook up  your boat to a USA 50 amp plug. The black and red are connected to the blue and brown and the green is connected to the green /yellow. The white(neutral) is not used.

Unless your boat is wired differently from mine there is no neutral used on USA wiring and there is no available neutral on the European plugs as they only have 3 prongs.


With ABYC standards, I have a list somewhere written by Bill Seifert who was the project Manager of The Tartan Factory, The J Boat factory, and finally the Alden Factory, listing the factors that do not allow the Amel to be ABYC standard. The first one that comes to mind is that there is no dip tube in the fuel tank, Amel takes the fuel off the bottom. If I recall the mast and rigging are also not bonded, the color coding of the wiring is not ABYC standard and If I remember correctly there were about 20 other things which I ignored. The Amels are CE approved Group A, not ABYC . They are also not ORC class one approved unless you have one a lot of work to the boat after delivery.

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What do you have issue with,? I have a little problem with Eric saying there is no Neutral on the shore power. Other than that, If its the issue about ABYC being somehow at variance with Amel practice for good reason. he may not be able to even if he were qualified. Remember Amel complied with Euro practice. Anyhow please accept what he says as a opinion, but there would be plenty others who would agree, its mainly related with issues of accelerated Electrolytic action/shore power/ABYC boats.

Waverider apoligies to eric.


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Is there a treatise on this topic available to review?



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There is no Neutral on the Amel shore power.

The engine and Generator have a floating ground. In other words the motors are only connected to the boat ground when they are starting.


All the other gear on the Amel is connected together with a green and yellow wire which is connected to ithe rudder stock and the two zincs on the ruder. The amel does not conform to AYC standards for a number of good reasons.

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