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Hello all,

First, let me say I'm a bit nervous posting this message.  I don't want to appear to be an outsider barging in on a tight knit group.  The conversation here is so much better than over at Cruising Forums.  Too many armchair sailors....

OK, here's my story:

We are looking to take off and do some long distance cruising in around 6 years.  Essentially, we want our son to skip Junior High and travel at that time.  I have a good amount of blue water/coastal miles and tons of racing as experience. 99% of the time will be wife, myself and our son.  I expect to have additional family or friends along for super long ocean crossings.

I'm currently crewing on a Tayana 52 for regular coastal races.  I've been sailing wtih this same guy for the last 20 years on his J-37, J-105 and now Tayana.  While I really like the Tayana, it just isn't very friendly for shorthanded sailing.

 My first encounter with the Amel boats was watching the SV Delos videos on YouTube.  I started noticing little design features that I really liked.  

We also looked at a SM 2000 Redline that's here in Houston.  I hope that the owner doesn't get offended if he sees this.  But the boat looked like it just wasn't maintained very well.  Played hard, put up wet.  Anyway, it was way out of our current price range.  The good news is that I was able to spend some time in it pulling up all of the cushions and hatches and really explore the boat.  Some really cool design features.

So, I have done a ton of searching on YachtWorld and have a few questions for you all.  We are only looking at boats over 45 ft. which leads us to the Mango, Santorin, Maramu and Super Maramu.

Are there any model years that you should be wary of?  Glass or blister problems?
It appears that each successive model got a bit bigger and utilized lessons learnt from the previous model.  Anything that we should avoid?  

I want to purchase within 3-4 years.  So, we are planning on regular European trips to go boat hunting across the pond.

In general, any advice would be much appreciated.  My ears are open and I have no real opinions yet.

Thanks for letting me join the group!


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