Re: [Amel] RE: Cruising tax in Greece

Craig Briggs

I guess the last thing we should expect from the Greek taxing authority is clarity (or any taxing authority, for that matter!).  


If the translation posted on the CA website is accurate it does indeed say in Section 2, “The T.P.P. is calculated on a yearly basis … from January 1st to December 31st”.  However, it then says, “and is determined as follows:”  

“… for boats over 12 meters the TPP per year is 100 euros per meter

OR per month, ten euros per meter.”

I can see how you could interpret this as being strictly annual, but I interpreted the "OR" to mean you can pay monthly for the time you're in Greek waters.  That also seems consistent with Section 5 that says you can pay in December, or either before you enter Greek waters or when you get your Transit Log (or DEKPA for EU boats).  

So, for example, if Bebe enters Greece in June, she'll get her Transit Log and pay for a month, or however long she says she'll be in Greece.  If she stays a month and then decides on longer, she'll just check in elsewhere and pay the next month.

If it does mean it's strictly an annual tax, they're tacking on a hefty 20% extra charge for paying by credit card (12 months at 10 Euro per month vs 100 euros for the year.) Which also begs the question of how one would pay for a year on a credit card when entering mid-year - do they keep charging his card after he leaves?  That seems too bizarre even for the Greeks.


Will look forward to further info, Rink, from your inquiry, and, of course, it will be helpful to hear from anyone with “feet on the ground”, now that the new year is about here and the tax is in force.


Speaking of which, 

Happy New Year to all,

Craig Briggs, SN#68

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