Does your boat feature a "ROLL BAR " anchor??

Alain dHYLAS


We can observe now, coming on the market, a handful of « new
anchors » featuring a « roll bar » at the back part of the

This design is not new !.. already patented by Peter BRUCE more than
30 years ago, and popularized by the German "Bügel"
anchor.. (Bügel in German means "roll bar").

In addition to the "Bügel", the new comers in the market
- The Sarca anchor
- The Manson "Supreme"
- The NZ "Rocna"

An soon some others!.. who find more easy to copy existing products
than spending time and money to design new improved designs..

BUT? did you ask yourself, the reason of this CUMBERSOME APPENDAGE??

- One clear explanation is found in one of the web page of one
of these manufacturers:

"The roll-bar serves one main purpose: it ensures the anchor will
adopt the correct setting attitude, which is loosely described as
being on its side with the complete anchor weight supported between
the skids, the end of the shank, and the tip of the blade.
As well as ensuring that the anchor will always achieve the correct
orientation, the roll-bar means that the toe does not need to be
weighted with extra lead or cast iron."

But the main reason is not clearly explained:
- all these "new" anchors are "BADLY BALANCED" which
means that, as there is not enough weight on the anchor tip (or toe)
and much too much weight on the back portion of the blade, they
absolutely need a "roll bar" to adopt the correct setting

On the opposite of the previous statement, the anchor tip NEED to be
weighted, as weight on the tip is one of the two criteria to ensure
a good penetration. (the second one is the right penetrating angle)

As there is not enough weight on the tip (about only 16% of the
total anchor weight) and too much weight on the back part of the
blade (or fluke), the only way to achieve the correct orientation is
to use a "roll bar".. but, if this appendage will solve this
question, it also add some more weight, again at the worse place, at
the back part of the blade.. and not on the toe of the anchor!..

Peaceful anchoring..


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