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Herbert Lackner

Hi Ian

We have 80 m 10 mm inox chain on our santorin and no problems with jamming or a pile up (i think because it is inox).  We use a rocna and never had problems with it.

Fair winds

Kali Mera SN #120
Sukosan, croatia

Ps: Ian, i copied your autopilot mount :-) thx

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Hi James and Leah

We bought our 46' Santorin this year and were surprised to find only 8mm chain plus the ubiquitous CQR. We changed up to a 10mm gypsy and 100m of 10mm chain. We brought the anchor with us from the previous boat - a Spade. It is a great anchor, very much better than a CQR and stows and deploys easily from the bow roller. It has the advantage of being very easy to disassemble for easy stowage in a locker if you need to secure it from theft while in a marina our hauled out.
Anyone else reading this thread with advice for us on our 100m chain - it piles up on itself in the locker and frequently jams once 40 metres are out. It also piles up on retrieval and blocks the hawse hole jamming the chain on the gypsy on deck. Has anyone found a way to get the chain to self store inside the chain locker?

Ian and Linda. SN 96 Ocean Hobo

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