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David Wallace

In the main cabin you can use this same basic technique but avoid a lot of work and mess by installing the panels directly over the old headliner which is left in place.  The wood strips will hold the panels securely.  I used 3/16" birch plywood and routed shallow grooves about 2" apart to give the look of tongue and groove, then painted it white.  We're very happy with the look.

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On Dec 29, 2013, at 7:44 AM, Ian Park wrote:


We relined the aft cabin on our Santorin. We found the best way to get rid of the glue on the fibreglass was a nylon bristle wheel on a hand drill. We didn't fancy glueing the new lining onto the roof, so we cut four panels of thin marine ply and covered them on a table (including stapling the overlap onto the back. We then put self adhesive Velcro strips on the back and on the roof to hold the panels in position and then just screwed the wooden strips back in place which securely hold the panels. If we have a future 'problem' it just means detaching the offending panel and sorting it out. We glued the window surround sections by spray glue. Important where they overlap to scrape the backing off first to get a neat fit. When we need to replace any other areas we will use the plywood panel method again.

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