Bow Thruster Propeller Replacement

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To all,

I sheared off my prop in the Welland Canal last Saturday. A piece
of discarded line wound around the prop. I was able to replace it
using a mask and snorkel. I also have an underwater light which was
helpful in lining up the screws. I wore my wetsuit without weights
that helped me float on the water. Lake Erie is still pretty cold.
We are in Buffalo visiting family and friends. We will be heading
west next week.

What is the replacement kit that I saw mentioned in other notes on
this subject?

If you plan to go through canal locks make sure your boat is well
protected. On the way up in some locks the boat was pressed against
the wall very hard. I had boat hooks to fend off but the force was
more than I could overcome. I had bags of straw, regular fenders
and four by fours (mounted vertically) on the rail.

Best regards,

Paul S. Fruehauf - SM 215 - Faraway Eyes

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