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Hi fellow Amel sailors.
Is there really no one among us all who has a suggestion how to
my problem (posted a question re subject about a week ago) ?

Fair winds,

Hi Jochen,

There have been a couple of postings in the past on re-painting
the brown stripes on Amel decks. The process would also apply to the
white stripes that were used on a few boats in the '80s. Look up a
posting by Harmonie, they did a beautiful job. I'm going to try that
approach next fall. I have the "Striper" tool and the paint, all I
need is time (about 9 - 10 days, 4 hours a day, I'm told), in a nice
quiet anchorage or cheap marina.
Hope you find the posting (I remember it was about 2 years ago...)
Regards, Roy

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