Painting Decks

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I just re-read Jochen's posting about renewing the "white non-skid deck
areas" and understand that he meant the cabin top, not the stripes on
the deck. So sorry about the previous posting.
I had a 1983 Maramu, and to reduce the heat in the back cabin, I had
the deck surface over the back cabin painted. It was originally the
same color as the decks (teak with dark brown stripes), and I had
Awlgrip paint applied, the same color as the cabin sides (ivory). The
key was to apply several VERY THIN coats of paint, in order to preserve
the non-skid properties of the deck surface. We were very pleased with
the results. The boat was sold a couple of years later (in 1996), and
is now called RESOLUTE. The current owners read this forum, so you may
ask them how well it's holding up after 9 years.
Please e-mail me if you have any questions about what we did. I
also have pictures (non-digital) that I could scan in or mail to you.

Regards, Roy

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