pressure water system pump

Randy Kilmon <drifter01us@...>

Any helpful suggestions on this problem would be
greatly appreciated:

When commissioning my boat this spring, I could not
get the pressure water pump to turn off once it
reached the proper pressure.
As this was the original pump assembly, and as I had a
complete spare assembly, I decided to simply swap out
the old one and replace it (although I was pretty sure
the problem was with the pressure switch).
On the new installation, the motor runs fine, the
impeller is spinning, but the system will not develop
As the instructions say, I filled the pump with water
before activating. However, I can take the outlet hose
off the assembly when the pump is running, and there
is no pressure. I can see the water down in the pump
but it is not moving (even though the impeller is
Very strange!!
Any help greatly appreciated.
Randy Kilmon
SM 240 "Drifter"

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